Independence! I’m preparing … – The Guide of the Therapeutical Approach on the Person with TSA PART I “

May 15, 2017

The present guide is a working tool for the whole process of developing and implementing Autism intervention methods. The information, data and approaches, presented in the guide, are in line with the conclusions of the ANCAAR team, which participated in the implementation of the RESPIRO project.

The guide presents the route of people with TSA to tailor their independence and social integration. An appropriate training in various ways, specific to each stage of development, can help in achieving even the integration into the free labour market. The applicable character of the presented models lies in their flexibility to respond to the needs of people with TSA, to harness their potential of each individual according to the stage of their development.

The experience and the multitude of trials has taught us that you just want to be willing to participate in the well-being of your fellowmen…

The present publication was released at the National Conference, organised by ANCCAR in Bucharest, 12-13 May 2017 1 in the Central University Library Hall.

Using the form below, you can order the guide, which will be delivered to you by postal service within 2 to 3 working days. Please clearly specify your address, the Personal Numbers Code and the telephone number to facilitate pickup. For Bucharest, the book is delivered personally at home.

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